An orientation was organized for 2023-2024 National Service Personnel on 30th January, 2024 at the District Assembly Conference Hall-Jacobu.

The aim of the one-day program which was assembling by Amansie Central Office of National Service Scheme (NSS) was to ensure that the personnel familiarize themselves with work ethics and the importance of one acquiring National Service Certificate.

Giving his advice, the Director of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Isaac Kaati talks about “Political and Religious Polygamy”. He advised that as a young individual, we should not engage in taking bribe of any sort before casting our vote for any reasons at all. He further advises the personnel not to vote for a party because the person is his\her church member but rather look at the potentials that person have. Ending his speech, he also entreats the personnel to respect their superiors and never by any circumstance should personnel behave like the boss in the absent of their bosses.

A second advise was heard from the District Assembly Planning Officer Mr. Michael Fifi Mensah Sey also encouraged the personnel to take advantage of all the opportunity given to them. He also advised them to learn from different department and not just where they were posted. He further encourages the personnel to cautious about their daily lifestyle at work and their individual homes or resident.

On the other hand, the personnel also receive an advice from the Human Resource Manager, Mrs. Evelyn Agyekum who also advice the personnel to be modest and decent. Her advice to the ladies was to keep themselves as decent as they can and be mindful of what they say and do at their work place.

She ended her speech by telling the personnel to respect every other person they come across with. And also respect the Director of National Service at the district no matter his age or personality.

Speaking at the program was, Mrs. Janet Dwereboah Odoi the Assistant Director 1 for Amansie Central District Assembly talks about the “Role of National Service personnel under Public Sector Regulation” on behalf of the DCE. She advice all personnel not to only learn but also contribute their knowledge and skill for better national development.

 Ending the day, the National Service Director Mr. Douglas Osei Mensah explains brief history of NSS. He also talks about the benefit the service can give to the personnel if serve and serve well. He further explains the objectives, the rules and regulations of National Service. He also talked about the introduction of the Metric App for validation at district level.

By way of concluding, he further encourages all personnel to feel free to come to him if they encounter any problem or need help concerning NSS. He advised the personnel to take extra care of themselves and also be respectful to their boss in the place of posting and their colleagues. He also made it known to the personnel that payment of their allowance will be based on their monthly evaluation forms and if any personnel fails to submit his\her forms will be greatly affect during the payment of the allowance.

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